"Our eye for detail is clearly evident in projects such as Imagine. For the textile manufactorer Bakaert, who mainly create fabrics for mattresses, we developed software that allows potential customers to see different fabrics, patterns, and beds in incredible detail, and configure them in 3D".


The software allows potential customers to view their new fabric in detail. Every strand and fibre is visible with photo realism. This is done by taking full advantage of 3D, such as DirectX 11 and using custom shaders. Our experience in 3D and our eye for perfection guarantees fantastic quality.


Potential customers can choose from a wide range of options. They can choose the fabric, rotate and move patterns, apply quilting, and more. Using our built-in 3D viewer they can immediately see the results and keep adjusting accordingly. What they see is precisely what they will get, down to the littlest detail.


For even more convenience it's possible to export bed and fabric configurations. Using PDF files the configuration can be saved and used to order precisely what the customer has chosen. It's also possible to export just the view using our 3D exporter, which allows clients to view the bed but not make any adjustments. Perfect for demos.