We care deeply about our work. Every project we have tackled so far has been interesting and challenging, and we're proud to show you the end results!

Unilux Fractions

The Unilux Fractions app allows you to preview Fractions live on your phone or tablet with Augmented Reality. The Fractions can be configured by color, size, style and can be even controlled. The Unilux Fractions app is the first Augmented Reality app where it's possible to configure a product realtime.

In order to make the app work correctly, a marker is required, which can be downloaded here.


Pandora runner

Pandora Runner is a mobile game created with the Unity3D engine. All assets are created in 3DSMax and rendered in V-Ray.

The 3D assets allowed us to create unique graphics and push the design too the limits!


Btc Direct

BTC Direct buys and sells bitcoins. They use their experience and expertise to offer you a user-friendly platform on which you can buy and sell bitcoins quickly, easily, and safely.

We had the opportunity to design a custom website for BTC Direct with a unique logo. The website uses a one-page design. The elements of bitcoins and currency come back throughout the design.


Physical Therapy Application

To asisst physical therapists in guiding people in their recovery, we developed the physical therapy application for Fontys University. A patient stands in front of a Kinect, which registers the movements of t he user and presents them to the specialist on a graph that's easy to read.

The application tracks the angles of movement. This information is useful to the specialist as he can see how (un)restricted the patient's movements are and what parts of the body need more work.


Laura Dansstudio

Laura's dansstudio needed a new unique website. It was important that each visitor got this excited feeling when visiting the website. The website needed to be dynamic and powerfull so we combined a studio with clouds and lightning.



Bitspins is a bitcoin casino where you can play a fast paced dice game and gamble with your bitcoins.
Pick your chance to win and how much to bet, roll the dice and get an instant result, win or lose. The website contains a live chat and gives players to even invest in the site's bankroll, which gives you the opportunity to share the site's profit (or losses).

The look and feel of the website needs to be unique and trustworthy. We also had the opportunity to design a new logo for bitspins, which turned out great.


Design For Child & Hospital

Commissioned by a graduate at the Technical University of Eindhoven, we developed a 3D visualisation app. The project is to create a child-friendly medical procedure room. We created two versions: a mobile version and a virtual reality version, using a head-mounted display.


Coole Kids Club

Coole Kids Club organizes events for kids that contains a lot of fun and entertainment.

It's a happy and colorfull world filled with living creatures and islands. Each island has it's own unique theme combined with a story and is fully provided with 3D animations.

We had the opportunity to create a unique experience for the website by making elements such as the headers, characters and islands.


Stichting 18 September App

In September 2014 we celebrate the 70-year liberation of Eindhoven.

Stichting 18 September gave us the opportunity to create an app for the 70-year liberation of Eindhoven. It contains the latest news surrounding the celebration of Eindhoven's liberation, unique anecdotes from people who experienced the Second World War, and activities and information regarding Stichting 18 September.

One of the exciting features is the abiility to experience stories in 3D augmented reality for added immersion.


Willem II passage - Tilburg

We strongly believe Virtual Reality is the next big thing that will change all of our lives forever.

It's that enthusiasm for VR and our commitment to be part of the future that drives us to create exciting virtual environments with intuitive interaction and convincing details.

For the city of Tilburg we created such an experience - a fully interactive ride through a part of the city and a yet-to-be-built cyclist tunnel which emits light.

Users sit on a physical hometrainer and pedal through the city whilst wearing the Oculus Rift and a pair of headphones.



The Imagine application allows potential customers to view their new fabric in detail. Every strand and fibre is visible with photo realism.

This is done by taking full advantage of 3D, such as DirectX 11 and using custom shaders. Our experience in 3D and our eye for perfection guarantees fantastic quality.



The windowstylist is a new Augmented Reality App that allows you to view and customize 3D windowdecorations realtime. It contains information about different products, where the product can be bought and it allows you to expierience it in 3D via Augmented Reality. Each product has a lot of customization including an animation.

The Augmented Reality in the app needs a marker in order to work, which can be downloaded here.

We also had the opportunity to design the website, which can be seen here.