"Experience Tilburg like you never have before. Using 3D and the latest technology we created the possibility to virtually ride through a highly interactive tunnel. Find out how light will respond to you - and cast your vote on which scenario makes you feel safe."


We strongly believe Virtual Reality is the next big thing that will change all of our lives forever.

It's that enthusiasm for VR and our commitment to be part of the future that drives us to create exciting virtual environments with intuitive interaction and convincing details.


For the city of Tilburg we created such an experience - a fully interactive ride through a part of the city and a yet-to-be-built cyclist tunnel which emits light.

Users sit on a physical hometrainer and pedal through the city whilst wearing the Oculus Rift and a pair of headphones.


The goal of the software is to present users with several different light interactions in the cyclist tunnel. They complete a questionnaire and give feedback about which type of interaction they felt most comfortable and safe in.

City council uses this information to select the right interaction method for the tunnel, that is to be completed in 2016.